VAPOR - Matte Black/Gun Metal - Green REVO

VAPOR 1 of 4 new frames for 2019. This unique wayfarer style frame is outfitted with polished gun metal aluminum arms, branded with laser engraved logos, and integrated beautifully into a trendy styled front face. It's unique combination of matte black and polished gun metal arms give this frame a stylish luxury feel. The quality and craftsmanship put into manufacturing these frames is incredible, we couldn't be more happy with how they turned out, they look a feel like $300 shades.  

Being a unisex frame, it is designed to fit and look great across all head shapes and sizes. If you decide the frame doesn't suit you, no worries, just email the lovely and she will gladly help you with the return process. Scroll 👇 for more on our return policy and some common questions.

Lenses? All our sunglasses are fitted with TAC Polarized lenses, the quality and sharpness is exceptional. They provide 100% UVA/UVB protection from the sun. The lenses are also coated with a scratch resistant coating. Please note, while the coating will provide some resistance to scratching, they are not 100% scratch proof, in fact, there is nothing on this planet that is 100% scratch proof. We suggest that you try your best to treat your lenses with care whenever you can. If they get damaged or scratched, we offer replacement lenses for all our frames.

Return Policy? We have a 100% customer satisfaction return policy. If there are any issues, whatsoever, please email us using the Contact Page, and we will gladly help you with the return process, and refund you once the return has been received. We ask that you contact us within 15 days of receiving the product, if you would like a return. We figure 15 days should be more then enough time to judge whether or not you wish to keep the product. 

Warranty? If your frames break due to normal occurrences. Please email us with pictures, tell us what happened, and we will replace them for you. If it is a manufacture defect, we will assess the issue and replace your frame for you. We do not replace frames that have been intentionally broken due to testing our product. Unlike our V.1 and VX model, these frames are not bendable, due to it's metallic features. The VAPOR frame was designed for casual lifestyle wear.

Prescription Lenses? We do not currently provide RX lenses. With that said, our frames are ready to have RX lenses put in, many of our customers have done this. Just visit your local eye wear store and they will help you with that process. 

Reviews? Seeing as this product just launched, there isn't much for this particular model, but they are coming in slowly, you can check below.👇 If you don't see any yet, check out some other color variations 👉 VAPOR. Or have a look at 1000's of customer reviews for our other products by clicking here. 👉 REVIEWS

    Frame Dimensions:

    Frame Width: 144mm  Nose Bridge: 16mm  Arm Length: 137mm

    Lens Dimensions:

    Width: 59mm  Height: 46mm  Base Curve: 6c

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