V.1 - Matte Black/Red - Polarized

Our V.1 model is made from a very special memory polymer, combined with certain design elements, (such as the hinge area), this frame is able to take a massive beating. The memory polymer material can withstand enormous amounts of pressure and bending, making this frame almost indestructible. This is why our V.1 model has been a best seller for many years, we have 1000's of 5 star reviews on this model here 👉 REVIEWS so that you can judge for yourself. OR scroll down 👇 to the bottom for reviews related to this particular product.

Below are some common questions you may have. If you have any other questions, please email the lovely Crystal@iwear8.com and she will answer as soon as possible. Or visit our FAQ Page.

Lenses? All our sunglasses are fitted with TAC Polarized lenses, the quality and sharpness is exceptional. They provide 100% UVA/UVB protection from the sun. The lenses are also coated with a scratch resistant coating. Please note, while the coating will provide some resistance to scratching, they are not 100% scratch proof, in fact, there is nothing on this planet that is 100% scratch proof. We suggest that you try your best to treat your lenses with care whenever you can. If they get damaged or scratched, we offer replacement lenses for all our frames.

Return Policy? We have a 100% customer satisfaction return policy. If there are any issues, whatsoever, please email us using the Contact Page, and we will gladly help you with the return process, and refund you once the return has been received. We ask that you contact us within 15 days of receiving the product, if you would like a return. We figure 15 days should be more then enough time to judge whether or not you wish to keep the product. 

Warranty? If your frames break due to normal occurrences. Please email us with pictures, tell us what happened, and we will replace them for you. If it is a manufacture defect, we will assess the issue and replace your frame for you. We do not replace frames that have been intentionally broken due to testing our product. The strength and durability of the memory polymer is meant to with stand a lot, but constant bending and stomping on your sunglasses for fun is not recommended, they are not indestructible, nothing is. We suggest that you treat your new shades with care, if you do so, they will last a life time.

Prescription Lenses? We do not currently provide RX lenses. With that said, our frames are ready to have RX lenses put in, many of our customers have done this. Just visit your local eye wear store and they will help you with that process.

Fitting? Our V.1 frame is a universal fitting frame, it's designed to be worn by any head shape and size. The unique polymer is able to be bent and shaped if they are too tight or too loose. Simply bend the arms gently is inward or outward (while holding the hinge area), and hold for a few seconds, the memory polymer will conform to the new shape.

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